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How to choose PVC strip curtains?

Normal temperature, we suggest Standard PVC strip curtains.

Low temperature, we suggest Polar PVC strip curtains.

In workshop, we suggest Welding PVC strip curtains.

In warehouse, we suggest Ribbed PVC strip curtains.

For more chosen, please contact with us.

Common Uses and Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains
If you’ve ever worked in a kitchen, a warehouse, or factory, chances are you’ve seen PVC strip curtains in the wild. If you haven’t worked in these places, you may have come across them in other places, such as walk-in freezers in some grocery stores, some restaurant or bar entrances, or any number of other locations. PVC strip curtains are used in a variety of different places. They’re utilized for a number of reasons, and offer many benefits. If you’re not sure if they’d benefit you at your place of business or work, check out this crash course in PVC strip curtains to learn more.

Common Uses and Locations for PVC Strip Curtains
PVC strip curtains are typically used to create separation between two areas. Whether those two areas are different departments of a warehouse, a cold area and a room-temperature area (as in a food production facility), or inside/outside, PVC strip curtains offer the benefit of being able to allow the efficiency of a door with the convenience of not having to open or close it. PVC strip curtains are often used at loading docks to prevent the escape of air conditioned air, which can help manage utility costs and can help keep debris outdoors from getting in. They’re also used in warehouses or factories to separate different work areas, and the convenience of them means that machinery like forklifts or other vehicles don’t have to physically open a garage door or gate to access another area of the workplace. 

Post time: Feb-02-2021